Google Property Map

Following is a Google Aerial Photo/Map with the boundaries of the original Ag Station #3 outlined in yellow. Note that FM 523 crosses the property (although it's erroneously identified "35"). Compare this with the hand sketches below. Following is the above map with the area assigned to BCMGA (green polygon).

Hand drawn maps

Following are scans of three hand-drawn maps showing Texas Agricultural Station #3 at different stages in the construction of FM 523 across the property. Each drawing shows the approximate boundaries of the property, internal fence lines, and the function and approximate acreage of each field.

Fig. 1. The Ag Station property before FM 523 was constructed across the property.

Fig. 2. The Ag Station depicting the approximate location of the FM 523 right-of-way.

Fig. 3. The Ag Station with a more accurate depiction the location of the FM 523 right-of-way. This drawing also shows a 50-foot-wide right-of-way under the FM 523 overpass designated "cattle crossing."

The Old Administration Building

Following is an undated photo of the old Agriculture Station Administration and Laboratory. The original photo is owned by, and cataloged in the collection of, the Brazoria County Historical Museum. Contributed by Paula Craig.

Link to this photo:

The Old Forage Dryer

Some photos of the Potting Shed taken several years ago when the building served as a Forage Dryer for the Texas A&M Agricultural Station. Scanned from 35-mm slides found in the old Ag Station Lab building.